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February 22, 2007



I made Spam cake once (saw it on GodBlessAmericana.com). You couldn't tell there was spam in it at all. The guys at the office SCARFED it.


Wow...Spam Cake...
I bet there was no call for extra salt in that recipe!
This Spam Cake intrigues me...


from the entry on GodBlessAmericana:

I called the SPAM Museum, located at 1937 SPAM Boulevard in Austin, Minnesota and asked them. The lady said I’ll have to call you back. Twenty minutes later the phone rang and she said "the recipe for SPAM cake is very simple. Follow the directions for any white, spice, yellow or devil’s food cake mix, but substitute grated SPAM for the oil."

My recipe called for 1/3 cup of oil / grated Spam. I was then left with the annoyance of having to throw away more than 1/2 a container of unused Spam - cause I certainly wasn't going to EAT it!


I'm going to try this one out, but I might pass on the marshmallows. Sounds too yummy :) As for the Spam cake, that reminds me of when I was 7 or 8 or something and my Granny had her recipe book out. That usually meant something delicious was on its way. Sure enough, while munching on the cake she just made (perfectly of course, It's Gramms after all), I was reading an entry for a chocolate sour cream cake. I said something to the effect that sour cream and cake is ridiculous and must surely taste awful. She just looked at me and asked 'How's the cake?" 


Yeah, the marshmallows are kind of pointless...I might substitute chocolate chips the next time...


oh man, i can't even imagine what that tastes like. vu


Vu, it tasted like a very rich and moist chocolate cake with a peanut butter gooey glaze. Very moist. Just very sweet. A little sweeter than I care for, but it was a holiday.

Jamielikesyou, I think the buttermilk/sour cream makes the cake moist and also gives a little ZING to the flavor. While I was searching cake recipes, I found a few calling for "sour milk". Now, I don't know if that is a down home way of saying buttermilk or if there is a product out there called sour milk or if they mean it just like they say it! In my house "sour milk" meant milk that was past the expiration date by about 7 days...

Since making this cake I have also thought about trying it out with a really good organic naturally flavored ginger ale.

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