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November 19, 2007



Gary Larson, or his syndicate, requested that the image be removed (I am VERY familiar with that cartoon). Hopefully, it was more about wanting it removed from Vox (which is an income producer) than removed from your personal, not for profit, blog. Either way, it's F-d up - and has led to me developing an instant lack of respect for Larson cartoons. Which is sad.

Stick to Dilbert. Scott Adams is very clear about not caring if his work is shared, so long as it isn't for personal profit.


Well, of course. If you couldn't cut it out of your paper and stick it on your cubicle wall, no one on Earth would read Dilbert.


Well, I for one can see why they wanted you to remove this material.  It's one thing to reference the cartoon, but to give a ringing endorsement of a Far Side mug, well that is just...completely...uncalled for?

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