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November 18, 2007



Hey, what was the questionable content that needed to be removed ????



Stay Tuned!


i wonder if this was the reason why ryan's account was deleted: thedharmablues.vox.com ??


I will!

"Monkey is my co-Poodle"? I would love that as a bumper sticker - just knowing that NO ONE else understood it and wondering how many people, every day, read it and thought "huh?" would make it worthwhile!


Why do I get the feeling that the offending content is like the last thing you'd think of as a violation of copyright law?

Like a picture of the Eiffel Tower or something.


That's insane!  You undoubtedly win the prize for Best Excuse(s) for Not Posting.

paul of navarone

wow. what a post. of all the blogs out there i think yours has about the least copyright infringement on it. its all your own paintings and photos! i cant wait to find out what it was...

isnt westworld that film where the robot yul brynner goes off his rocker and starts killing people?

is it wrong to favorite this when its been such a traumatic time for you? its like taking real glee in a motorway car wreck. (im glad its got a happy ending though.)


Welcome back!
And don't go doing this again.
(Whatever it was you did.)


I so love the DMCA as an exercise in due process... Still, glad you're back.


I'm just really glad it WASN'T that Dennis Ku and his wifey-poo pick...cause I'm trying to spread the word! TESTIFY!


dang, whoever it was must've been really mad to sabotage your car like that.


Tell me about it. I think they also stole my Halloween Decorations and took one sock from each pair out of the dryer.


no, no-- the socks have gone home to Planet Static through the dryer wormhole. but it is possible they made your power go out, resetting all digital clocks in the place.


Heyyyyy, we did lose power yesterday for about 5 minutes...

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