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January 05, 2008



[this is good] That's awesome and I can totally relate! I'm currently 43 and have NEVER been more aware of my age OR my mortality until my Father suddenly passed away last summer. My situation is a bit different though because I have a step-Mother who basically kept everything and immediately began to pretend that myself and my sister no longer existed. It's tough. But the worst of it is (besides missing my Father TERRIBLY) the realization that I'm getting.......OLD!


[this is good]


[this is good]

"No check, just gold."

Absolutely lovely, Scary.  I miss my parents, but more than that I miss the chance I will have, to have those golden moments.  Much Love.  Jules


[this is good] what a lovely, lovely photo-- and brilliantly told.


Great picture.

A year is always is mixed bag, but it seems to me you've responded positively to it. The getting older thing is a drag, but I don't think we'll be volunteering to stop. We've reached a sort of "jumping off" point when our parents go, changing the way we look the world in profound ways.


[this is good] Go, Mom!  Best Christmas present I've heard of...

HBD, appropriately belatred.  =D

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