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May 16, 2008



The simple answer to that question - they stop breast feeding when they have teeth! Any dentist will tell you.

But manners must be taught to children by example - the kids are rude becuase the parents are rude. But you can't fix it. Smile and move to another table.


I probably could have overlooked the breastfeeding if leading up to it there hadn't been such an overt display of yuck...Ugh.


[this is good] That is utterly horrific.


This was hard to read, let alone experience in person.  <shudder>

On a related note, one of my pet peeves is (are?) parents who let their kids run around at restaurants, book stores, etc. without at least trying to control them, clearly expecting everyone else to accept this behavior with a you-know-how-it-is smile with a little "kids will be kids" commentary.  Yes, kids will be kids, and that's exactly why parents need to, you know, BE PARENTS.  (End rant.)


I'm not saying that I would make an excellent parent or that my kids would be charming and well behaved...I just hope to hell that I wouldn't become one of THOSE GUYS. The kids weren't as annoying as the parents were, that is for sure.

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