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July 02, 2008



I wonder if somewhere in Memphis there is a kid wearing a "Free the Inch'on Four" t-shirt.


I can only hope...


[this is good] What I would have given to see that.  Reminds me of when Yao Ping was new to the US and you acted out "6:00 at night" for him.


[this is good] I giggled.


You know me...deep inside there is a mime.


Random does not even cover it...


[this is good]

What a gesture to explain it to him. I wonder what his version of the story is when he's telling his friends about it (or blogging, what do I know?).

Thanks for sharing - with him and with us in the Vox 'hood.



Yeah, I was wondering that too....


Interesting story!

Kathy Bakken

Amazing. Cool shirt...hmmm...


[this is good]

---"So, I wear this and it is good?" He asked.---

Sounds like he may be a Voxer! 

Evelyn Condit

I love to wear my shirt places and see who comments or questions............Henry Rollins will be performing at the club i work in so i will surely wear it then!!!!! Thanks to everyone big and small, young and old who support these guys..........FREE THE THREE...............

Texas Chainsaw Mascara

What a coinsidence and awesome opportunity.

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