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January 07, 2010



I think that was a hunk of dried pus, shaped to the exact dimensions of the inside of a hair root, or a little oil gland.
My guess is you had a simmering infection going, and it got just too large/hard to squeeze through the pore, and just sat there, simmering.
Probably the spa thingy managed to push something under the skin, past the normally healthy barrier that keeps that stuff out.
Thank you, spa people.


Because of my "sesame seed" description - my chiropractor thought it sounded like I yanked out a sebaceous gland that calcified. She also mentioned that a small bit of whatever they used to exfoliate could have been pushed in and over the last few months created a "pearl". You are pretty good at this game, lauwolf!

paul of navarone

i had a tiny stone in my chest. i cut it out like you did. it was like a little white stone. i could feel it under the skin. i had to cut it out. it really bothered me that i could feel this little stone. i guess if your body can make kidney stones they can make these little hard things too. i dont get spots really or mouth ulcers or cold sores or anything so it really annoyed me when i got that. had to cut it out.



With the X-Files reference, I was waiting for the part where it wiggled...and/or snarled at you to reveal its tiny fangs. So at least you didn't have that.


Yet. Who knows the gestation period of this thing.


It sounds like you got "the core" out, so it should be fine. Warm compresses may help to, to expel anything else that's in there. 

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