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April 03, 2010



First off, (((HUGS))))
When something happens to your parents, emotionally you are five again.
Rights and wrongs all retreat a bit, and there's just storms of emotion.

The night my mother died I had two crystal-clear dreams of her.
Not a thing I usually do.
The world is all much weirder than it seems it might be.

And, I read the dream entry, and hesitated to respond, because I felt I had to write a screed, and realized it was more my issue than yours.
And that seemed kind of self-indulgent.
So, I still have that whole rant in my head, but all I really want to do is tell you I am thinking of you.
And to take care of yourself, because taking care of things will take all your time and emotions, and you need to not drive yourself into the ground just now.
So, big hugs.

Kelly Carney

[this is good]

Ok dear friend from 30 years ago, pick up the tooth brush and clean the sweaters from that wonderful smile you have.


Big HUG!


Aww, that's rough. How is she doing?

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